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Benefits of Membership:

As a member of the United States Power Squadrons®, you and your family can enroll in a great variety of advanced grade and elective courses. These courses include Boat Handling, Coastal and Inland Navigation, Offshore Navigation, Electronic Navigation, Weather, Engine Maintenance, Marine Electrical Systems, Marine Communication Systems, Cruise Planning and Sail. In addition, United States Power Squadrons® offers more than two dozen self study courses on subjects such as Water Sports, Boat Insurance, Oceanography, Preparation for Coast Guard Licensing, and much more.


Meeting with other boaters in your area:

As a member of a local squadron, and there are approximately 340 squadrons throughout the USA, including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands, you will join with other knowledgeable boaters in your area who are familiar with the local waters, the best anchorages, marinas and boat repair shops.


Participation in a variety of on the water activities:

As a United States Power Squadrons® member you're automatically invited to join in the squadron and district cruises, rendezvous, predicted log contests, raft-ups, and other on-the-water activities. See Boating Activities.


Savings on Boat Insurance:

There are many marine insurance companies which provide discounts to those who complete advanced boating courses. This savings can be significant. See boat insurance for more information.



United States Power Squadrons® Networking with other members throughout the USA, Canada and even more distant areas. Thinking of boating in a river, lake or ocean far from your home? United States Power Squadrons® has a Port Captain program which will provide names and telephone numbers of local United States Power Squadrons® members who know the waters and territory.


Port Captains:

A Port Captain is a member of the United States Power Squadrons®, who stands ready to provide advice and assistance to questions about safe boating and general issues regarding specific waterways. The Port Captain can recommend service providers for boats such as mechanics, sail repairs medical products or assistance, local restaurants, lodging and shopping. Online tools available for boaters, including Garmin® Active Captain, is software available to cruisers to provide the latest information listed by other boaters for boaters.


Special Benefits you receive for being a member of USPS:

USPS Member Benefits


International Medical & Travel Assistance

On Call International offers medical and travel assistance memberships to protect individuals and families traveling anywhere around the globe. Click here for more information.


Local Discounts available to Squadron members:

Discounts at Cape Fear Sportswear, 901 Upper Reach Dr. Wilmington, NC. Phone 888-796-9655. All Cape Fear shirts and Bay Jackets for men and women can be purchased by members at 50% off. Shirts are moisture-wicking with UV 30 Sun Protection. Bay Jackets are great to have on the boat just in case and are good for everyday activity. Just tell them you are a member of the Cape Fear Sail & Power Squadron before you pay.




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