The Cape Fear Sail & Power Squadron (a.k.a. Cape Fear Boating ClubTM ) is a unit of the  United States Power Squadrons®, District 27, serving North Carolina.

United States Power Squadrons® is the largest nonprofit organization in the world devoted to boating safety and education, and is composed of people interested in learning and sharing knowledge about boats, both sail and power. United States Power Squadrons® is not a government organization, but close ties are maintained with the Coast Guard and state boating agencies in our pursuit of better, safer boating.

We provide basic boating education as a civic service to the general public, and offer advanced courses to our members. Another public service activity is our Vessel Safety Check, in which trained examiners will, at the request of the boat owner, check a boat for required equipment and award a Coast Guard-recognized Vessel Safety Check compliance decal to boats that pass the inspection. Cape Fear Squadron and other squadrons provide chart update information to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) as part of the Cooperative Charting Program.

We have events and meetings, both on and off the water, that give members a chance to relate to and participate in our favorite pastime, boating.

All our members are unpaid volunteers, who gain and share knowledge through our courses and activities. To learn more about the benefits of United States Power Squadrons® membership, click here.

The United States Power Squadrons® ensign flown from our boats signifies our dedication to safe boating practices.

Advanced Boating Courses:
  • Boat Operator Certification
  • Boat Handling
  • Inland Navigation
  • Coastal Navigation
  • Off-shore Navigation
  • Ocean Navigation
  • Weather
  • Sail
  • Cruise Planning
  • Engine Maintenance
  • Marine Electronics
  • Seamanship
  • Piloting
  • Advanced Piloting
  • Partners in Command
Social Activities:
  • Cruises
  • Rendezvous
  • Family Outings
Civic Service Activities:
  • Educating Boaters for Safety
  • Teaching Fellow Boaters
  • Volunteer Safety Inspections
Membership in United States Power Squadrons® means:
  • Greater Boating Education
  • Family Activities
  • Community Involvement
  • Membership Benefits:
  • Special Marine Insurance
  • Affinity Credit Card Program
  • Port Captain Program


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